Ask an Emergency Dentist: What Is a Tooth Fracture?

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An emergency dentist will recommend making an appointment if the tooth becomes chipped or broken. Patients suffering from a broken tooth might wonder if it is an emergency. If there is pain or bleeding, it is considered an emergency that you need to get help for. The good news is the dentist can repair the damage and reduce your pain. Continue reading to learn more about what a tooth fracture involves.

What to do if the tooth becomes fractured

The teeth are naturally relatively strong, and normal wear and tear should not fracture them. However, breakage is possible in some cases, such as an accident. The reason will determine the way the Carlsbad dentist decides to treat the issue. Decay, biting down too hard, and receiving an injury can all cause breakage. Having an old filling might also cause the tooth to become weaker and be more likely to break.

When the tooth first breaks, there might not be any associated pain. However, the patient might notice there is a sharp or different-feeling area. It could hurt if the patient had a more extensive area break. The reason is that there could be an exposed nerve. Another sign of a cracked tooth is cold or hot foods hurting the area.

Care from an emergency dentist is necessary if there is a fractured tooth. If the tooth hurts, the patient will need to get emergency care. Otherwise, bacteria could cause an infection in that area. It is necessary to treat the decay too.

What can a dentist do?

If there is a severe break, the nerve might be exposed, causing sensitivity in the tooth. There might be pain, as well. The broken portion could begin to bleed, and that might require a root canal. The dentist can remove the nerve and inner pulp, placing a cap over the tooth.

If there is a vertical break, it might begin at the root and gradually move upward. It is often painful since there might be an infection near the tooth’s root. The emergency dentist can take out the whole tooth in that case. The tooth could become broken because the area has decay in it. If that happens, the dentist can take out the decayed part.

If the tooth becomes cracked, the whole tooth has a fracture. That means the tooth’s nerve to the chewing surface likely has a crack. While the tooth might remain intact, the crack can easily spread. The dentist might use a filling to repair the crack. Still, a patient will probably need to get a crown.

Choose care from an emergency dentist today

There is a range of types of cracks, like decay-induced and vertical breaks. Each one is a dental emergency, so you will want to see your Carlsbad dentist. By getting the right treatment, you can help the tooth be saved. Making an appointment with the dentist today will help you get the treatment you need.

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