Cosmetic Dentist Solutions for Damaged Teeth

Cosmetic Dentist Carlsbad, CA

A cosmetic dentist offers solutions for damaged teeth, which might happen at any time. You might be eating something hard and notice part of the tooth comes off. No matter the reason, your Carlsbad dentist can fix the issue with a range of solutions. Understanding the solutions helps you pick the right one. Keep reading to find out more.

Getting bonding or a filling

If only some of the tooth is missing, the patient might want to get bonding or a filling. This is a relatively minor issue, and the dentist will repair the tooth with fillings. The dentist can use bonding for the visible teeth. It involves using composite resin, a tooth-colored restoration.

Bonding is not that hard, and the mouth will not need numbing. First, the dentist etches the surface using a gel or liquid, so it becomes rougher. Next, it is time to shape the restoration. Then the dentist can apply the material to the patient’s tooth, using light to harden it.

Porcelain veneers

These are also useful in cosmetic dentistry. The cosmetic dentist will place a thin shell over the tooth to protect it. These can also help the patient get a better smile. It will cover the front portion. These also resist stains.

Dental crowns

If there is more severe damage to the tooth, the cosmetic dentist might recommend getting a dental crown. That can fit over the patient’s tooth to cover it and protect it. The crown’s exterior will match the rest of the teeth, so it is not noticeable. The crowns are useful for cosmetic dentistry if veneers are not an option.

It might be helpful for weakened teeth or those that have structural damage. The enamel will not heal by itself or grow back. That means if there is cracking, the patient will get a customized crown. That will stop the tooth from falling apart.

Dental bridge

For missing teeth, the cosmetic dentist might recommend getting a dental bridge. These are useful if the tooth is missing. The bridge can help fix the issue. The dentist will use the nearby teeth as anchors for the crowns to support the bridge. The bridge is one or more false teeth between the real teeth, anchored by crowns. These hold the teeth into place.

Dental implants

If the tooth is severely damaged, it might require extraction. Then the patient can get restoration in the form of a dental implant. These are similar to crowns, but there is also a false root in the jawbone. That anchors the restoration into place. The patient can benefit from the repair since it lasts a long time.

Visit a cosmetic dentist to get a restoration

If you have damaged teeth, you will want to have them repaired as soon as you can. It would help if you visited your dentist to get the right treatment. If you are considering one of these procedures, you will want to talk to the dentist. Then you can determine the proper restoration for you.

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