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Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

Get help now from Ida Alfonso Dental Arts in Carlsbad. Call (760) 965-7200.

Dental emergencies aren’t convenient, but our hours are. Contact us after hours, on weekends, or on holidays to get immediate dental care when you need it.

See a Carlsbad Emergency Dentist Now

True dental emergencies cannot wait for the next business day or your next dental visit. Rely on Carlsbad emergency dentist Dr. Ida Alfonso for relief from problems like:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Damaged dental work
  • Mouth trauma
  • Accidents
  • Swollen or oozing gums

Get Relief Right Away for Your Dental Emergency

When you have a dental emergency and the pain is severe, you want the discomfort to stop right away. Your dentist is focused on putting an end to your pain first and then developing a treatment plan to solve the problem permanently.

  • Assess the emergency
  • Stop the pain
  • Deliver appropriate treatment
  • Provide follow-up dental care as needed

Truths About Dental Emergencies

It doesn’t matter what’s going on with your teeth and gums, dental emergencies are scary, especially when they happen at night or over a weekend.

  • True emergencies don’t go away on their own. Dental pain is real and it is there for good if it is an emergency. Don’t try to wait out the discomfort or pretend you don’t have a problem. Get help right away.
  • Let your dentist assess the situation. You might not think you have a big emergency, but even a chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt can lead to an infection that spreads if left unattended. Let your dentist make the call about whether you need to be seen immediately.
  • Don’t get too worried about blood. A blow to the mouth can produce a lot of blood, but this problem can look worse than it is because of the many tiny blood vessels in the mouth. The problem may be minor but, again, let your dentist make the call.
  • Try to stay calm. It is understandable that some dental emergencies – a dislodged tooth, a damaged jaw – produce serious stress and worry and require immediate care. Cosmetic issues though, like a chipped veneer, are an inconvenience that may not call for a same-day appointment.
  • Always contact your emergency dentist. If you’re reluctant to call your Carlsbad emergency dentist, don’t be. It’s better to talk to an expert and be seen than to risk bigger dental complications.

Cost Factors of Emergency Dentistry

The biggest thing on your mind when you have a dental emergency is how fast you can see your emergency dentist and get help. Naturally, you will also be concerned about the cost of treatment. Every emergency is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and cost factors will vary depending on:

  • Measures needed to stop the pain
  • The type of repair(s) needed
  • Materials used
  • Whether the visit is during regular business hours or after-hours
  • Whether sedation dentistry is needed

If you have a problem right now, rely on the emergency dentists at Ida Alfonso Dental Arts in Carlsbad to help you immediately. We know that dental problems don’t always happen at convenient times – but we’re always here for you.

Get Fast, Compassionate Emergency Dental Care

Not sure you have a true dental emergency? Contact your Carlsbad emergency dentist anyway to discuss the circumstances you’re experiencing. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to even bigger dental problems. Contact Ida Alfonso Dental Arts right now to discuss your situation. Dental emergencies can be scary and some can be incredibly painful. We are ready to help you immediately.

Call (760) 965-7200 to get help now.