Dental Bridges

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are restorations that can replace missing teeth within the mouth. They are made of realistic-looking and durable materials. Most bridges contain three teeth, with the two outermost being attached to teeth within the mouth. The middle section of the bridge will contain the pontic, or false tooth. Bridges can last for many years and even a few decades without showing signs of wear.

Why would Dental Bridges be needed?

The reason you might need a new dental bridge is because you are missing a tooth. Rather than wear a partial denture, the bridge is fixed in place and cannot be removed. It’s a great alternative for patients who cannot sit for dental implant surgery. Bridges can be beneficial both cosmetically as well as functionally, since they help to improve the way you eat and chew.

What Are Dental Bridges
Who Is A Candidate For Dental Bridges 1

Who is a candidate for Dental Bridges?

Most patients who need a bridge are good candidates for the actual procedure. Dr. Alfonso will examine your teeth to determine if you might benefit from a bridge. Bridges can be placed in virtually any area of the mouth. If you are missing a great deal of teeth, we may recommend implants or a partial denture instead.

What happens during the procedure for Dental Bridges?

The procedure will begin with an anesthetic to numb the area. Dr. Alfonso will then file down the two surrounding teeth to make room for the new bridge. Impressions are taken to be used to craft the permanent bridge. The bridge is placed at a second visit into our office. The fit and bite are adjusted to ensure that the new restoration is as comfortable as possible. You can expect to treat your bridge as you would any other tooth within the mouth. It will last you for a long time because of its quality and durable nature when it is being made just for your smile.

If you think you might need a new dental bridge, call us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members.

What Happens During The Procedure For Dental Bridges
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