Does Invisalign Hurt?

A dental exam can help us to monitor and check for intraoral problems. A cleaning is performed by a registered and licensed hygienist who will clear away plaque, stains and tartar from the teeth. In order to keep up with your oral health, it’s important that you come in for regular bi-annual checkup exams and cleanings. These checkup visits allow us to monitor any changes and provide treatment early on, when it is more effective.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses clear trays, known as aligners, to carefully straighten your teeth. This treatment is ideal for patients who have crowded, crooked, spaced or misaligned teeth. The aligners need to be worn for about 22 hours each day in order for the treatment to be effective. You will find that this helps you to feel confident in your smile and even helps you to keep your teeth healthier and cleaner.

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Does Invisalign Hurt

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t necessarily hurt more than it just causes tenderness and some soreness. As the teeth shift, you will find that you experience a sore or tender feeling. This is normal and only temporary until the teeth are in their final position. Over-the-counter pain relievers are often sufficient enough to eliminate this discomfort and pain. You may want to talk to us if you are experiencing severe pain or are having trouble doing everyday activities. It might help to avoid hard and crunchy foods for the first few weeks while your teeth adjust to Invisalign treatment. Keep in mind that your Invisalign needs to be removed any time that you eat anything.

What to Expect with Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment involves many appointments as well as a number of clear aligners. These aligners are made for you every few weeks to continue with the treatment plan. Most patients who wear Invisalign will be in their aligners for anywhere from six months to about two years. This will depend on how severely misaligned and crooked your teeth currently are and the amount of work that needs to be done. With the help of a consultation, we can provide you with information pertaining to what you should expect during your Invisalign treatment and how long treatment will be for your specific needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign and how it works, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.

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