Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening done in the office can help to dissolve and lift stains that are dulling your smile. If you have ever felt badly about the way that your teeth look, it could be handled with a simple whitening procedure. Whitening is done safely and easily in our office at your own convenience. We offer both in-office and take-home whitening options that deliver professional-quality results.

Why is Teeth Whitening needed?

Your teeth can dull and yellow for a variety of reasons. From smoking to drinking coffee and even just the act of aging, your teeth may begin to become stained and discolored despite the best brushing and flossing habits at home. The best way for you to transform your smile is with whitening. Whitening is a great way to lift these stains and reclaim the beauty and brilliance of your natural smile.

What Is Teeth Whitening
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Who is a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Whitening will typically only work on your natural teeth, so it will not affect any restorations in your mouth. These types of restorations include veneers, fillings, bonding, crowns and bridge work. Dr. Alfonso will examine your teeth to determine if you might need or will benefit from whitening. Most healthy adult patients can have the procedure done easily in our office.

What happens during Dental Exams and Cleanings?

The first part of your appointment will begin with a cleaning. The cleaning is performed by a licensed hygienist in our office. The hygienist will clear away any type of debris and plaque from the teeth, as well as stains. The teeth are then polished and flossed carefully. This is helpful in eliminating any bacteria from between the teeth. The gums are checked for signs of either gingivitis or gum disease. Dr. Alfonso will then come into the office and perform the exam. She is looking for signs of decay, problem areas and even signs of oral cancer.

If you would like to come into our office for a cleaning and exam, call us today to schedule a convenient appointment.

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