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In recent years, teeth whitening has become an increasingly more appealing treatment at the dentist’s office. A smile is one of the first things a person will notice about you. You want to make a good impression. However, stained, discolored teeth can be unsightly and embarrassing. This is not something you should have to worry about any longer. Our dental practice can help you achieve your goals of having white, gorgeous teeth.

It is not uncommon for people of all ages to struggle with discoloration on their teeth. You can have this concern too, even if you have otherwise healthy teeth. Perhaps you have even had teeth-whitening treatments, but you were not happy with the results. Let us help you with one of the various methods to get your smile where you want it to be.

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How teeth change colors

Having white teeth can be a difficult goal. Various factors can cause staining and gradually turn a person’s teeth from white to yellow, brown, or gray. One of the most common reasons this happens is because people have poor oral hygiene habits. Failure to brush at least twice a day and floss daily can result in a buildup of bacteria. Not only can this lead to cavities, but staining can result as well.

Even people who brush and floss properly and effectively can still have yellow or brown teeth. A person may seek teeth whitening options if they have been a smoker. Other stain-causing agents include foods such as tomato sauce and some fruits. Drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, and cola can have the same effect.

Store-bought choices

Many people with discolored teeth may first look at dental products at the store to help whiten teeth. These are available in grocery stores and drug stores and may include toothpaste, mouthwash, or whitening strips. Some products are a combination of these. If finances are a concern, these choices may make the most sense.

However, store-bought whitening options are not as effective and long-lasting as those a patient would find while visiting the office of a Carlsbad dentist. Over-the-counter whitening products have a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. So, they require consistent application to make a noticeable difference. The user’s teeth may change a few color shades but will likely discolor again within a few months.

At-home treatments from the dentist’s office

Professional teeth whitening comes in two forms: in the office or at home. For the second option, the patient will first go to the dentist’s office for an evaluation. The patient can discuss their goals with the dentist and what the desired color shade is. The dentist will talk about how the at-home treatment works and what the person can expect during the process. The dentist then makes a mold of the person’s teeth. From this, a technician creates a set of mouthguard-like trays.

At a subsequent visit, the dentist gives the patient a container or tube of hydrogen peroxide gel. The whitening trays will be ready for the patient to take home. Each night before going to bed, the person will fill the trays with the gel. The trays should fit snugly over both jaws. During the night, the gel will sit on the teeth as the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the teeth, breaking down the stain-causing molecules.

Usually, the individual will do this routine for a few weeks to a month or two. The results will vary depending on how many color shades the person is looking to change the teeth. Also, people who are more diligent about following the dentist’s instructions should see faster results. Normally, people who use whitening trays can maintain white teeth for as long as three years.

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s office

More and more dentists are offering whitening treatments in the office. This uses a similar method as take-home trays, though the hydrogen peroxide concentration is higher. This technique makes sense for people who want quick results and who want more significant color changes to stained teeth. Before getting started, the dentist will explain the process to the patient so that both parties feel comfortable about the procedure.

In-office treatments only require the patient to come into the office for one or two visits. These appointments should be enough to successfully whiten the teeth the desired color shade. Each visit lasts less than an hour. The patient gets comfortable in the dental chair while the dentist and assistants prepare the whitening equipment. The dentist then fills a mouthpiece with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and places it in the person’s mouth. Light or heat activates the chemicals.

In-office treatments use highly concentrated gel. It penetrates deep into the teeth and breaks down the molecules that stain the teeth. These treatments use up to 40% hydrogen peroxide. Some patients have whiter teeth within a few days. Results should last for at least six months and can be as long as three years.

Keeping the teeth white

After doing a whitening treatment, teeth can still stain and discolor again. Following some guidelines can help the person maintain a bright smile. Avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks will help keep teeth white. The person should also brush regularly with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Semiannual visits to the dentist’s office are also important. The dentist will clean the teeth thoroughly and may use a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities and staining.

Your way to a brand-new smile

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, you should consider teeth whitening. There are three different options available to you: in-office treatments, take-home trays, or store-bought products. Your dentist can help you decide which one makes the most sense for you and your needs. Make an appointment today so that you can get started. You can soon feel good about your appearance and showing off your smile. Then you will not have to stay away from social settings any longer.

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